The Marbella Town Hall will take to the next ordinary plenary session, which will be held on Friday, November 25, for its initial approval, the second modification that has been made to the urban regulations of the General Plan to bring them closer to the social reality, improve the quality of life of the residents and expand the offer in endowments and equipment.

This was announced by the Councilor for Territory Planning, María Francisca Caracuel, after holding the Local Government Board in which this issue was addressed, and explained that “it is a necessary extension, along with the previous one, in the that we are going to make a compatibility of uses both in the complete lucrative land as in the facilities plots as long as they have theirs covered in the area at that time.”

In this sense, he has indicated that “this is what happens in the equipment endowmentsas is the example of one that they are suing us at present and that we are going to modify now, and that is that of reconcile sports with accommodationwhat is known as high performance centers, and which is currently not possible”.

A similar situation occurs with the sheltered housingso that the elderly are not subject to the residence regime, as well as with the educational centers with residence for students or the use of a restaurant, gym, sauna or other service located in a hotel. “In the latter case, it may have an independent use of the hotelier as long as it has a separate external access from it,” specified the mayor, who has indicated that all these circumstances will be possible with the new modification.

Caracuel recalled that “in August 2017, when the Government team returned to the City Council, we found that the General Urban Planning Plan of 2010 was annulled and in force that of 1986”. “The urban regulations were obsolete and far from the reality of that moment, with which we face their first modification to adapt them ”, he indicated.

In this regard, he has detailed that “were approved in 2018 but were not complete in relation to the uses, since they required an environmental evaluation report and that would have delayed the processing”. In addition, as he pointed out, “there were also others that could affect endowments, but I needed to have the General Plan adapted to the LOUA and that is something that was done later”.

He has asserted that “in that scenario, we made the first modification which has enabled us to be working to date with a better disposition and instruments than the ones we had, but which were not complete to continue responding to the needs of citizens”.

In this sense, regarding the compatibility of lucrative land uses, has cited as an example the fact that “in residential areas there is a commercial use deficit which requires that residents be forced to take the car to use certain services that they do not have there, because at the moment the uses of the land are not compatible with making the necessary modifications”.

On the other hand, the Local Government Board has approved the two-hour extension of the closing hours of hotel, leisure and restaurant establishmentsbetween December 22 and January 6, coinciding with the Christmas holidaysas announced by the municipal spokesman, Félix Romero.

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