The City Council of Marbella will undertake almost 300 improvement actions in the Molino de viento area, located in the center of the city, some works for which he will allocate a investment of more than 200,000 euros and that they will have an execution period of two and a half months, as announced on Monday by the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz.

This has been highlighted by the councilor in a visit she has made to one of the works that is being carried out on Ramón Gómez de la Serna street, where she has been accompanied by the councilor for the branch, Diego López, and a neighborhood association representation of the area.

Muñoz has advanced that the performances are part of the ‘Molino de viento and Francisco Norte revitalization plan’emphasizing that the works “have a lot to do with the city ​​maintenance” and derive from the communication of the damage by the residents of the area.

“We wanted very specifically to give learn about the almost 300 performances that are made at the request of the neighbors themselves and of the different districts, in order to maintain the required level on the part of the entire municipal term”, the first mayor has underlined.

Specifically, the councilor has specified that the City Council will carry out with this plan a total of 296 improvement and maintenance actions in the Windmill area, which will have a municipal investment of “just over 200,000 euros” and an execution term that oscillates between “two and two and a half months”.

Regarding the caliber of the actions, the mayor has specified that they have to do with the “fundamentally replacement of the steelwhich is the request that they make the most to us”, while adding that the works to improve and maintain the public highway – which “are being carried out at the same time that the urbanization plan is being executed” – have to do with the array of elements like “the pits, the sewers or even urban furniture”.

As stated by the first mayor, the objective set by the City Council is not focused only on large-scale projects such as “the large facilities and infrastructure works that are undertaken in the city, but we do not want to forget small actions of deficiencies, that due to the constant use of a city like ours they are produced and that We have to fix it as soon as possible.”

To do this, he has ensured that there is “a communication system through municipal social networks and of the districts themselves so that we are aware, and of course our operational services, of those flaws that are occurring”, Muñoz has pointed out, who has alluded to the speed of the municipal response from this area as well as from the company awarded the urbanization plan and the maintenance plan for the different districts.

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