The municipal works delegation of the Marbella Town Hall is putting out to tender a series ofSubsidiary reform and repair actions in schools Federico García Lorca, Vicente Aleixandre and Our Lady of Mount Carmel to solve structural deficiencies, as reported on Monday by the councilor for the branch, Diego López.

The mayor has highlighted that these interventions have a lead time of two to three months and a overall budget of almost one million euros.

López has detailed that the works “are expected to start in the summer to take advantage of the absence of students in the centers and do not interfere with normal operation thereof”.

In the case of Federico Garcia Lorca Schoolis being tendered reconstruction of the second section of the enclosing wallin addition to the remodeling of the entrance ramp and the reform of the electrical installation and the fire protection system to adapt them to current regulations.

“Last month of April finished the execution of the first phase, rushed through the emergency route due to the risk of collapse that existed after the storm of December last year”, specified the mayor, who pointed out that with the new action “we completed the perimeter renovation with a project that will have an execution period of three months and a budget of 650,000 euros”. The period for submitting offers ended on April 12 and they are currently being studied for award.

For its part, in the Vicente Aleixandre A project will be carried out, with a budget of almost 90,000 euros and a period of action of two months, to create a new emergency exit access that allows action in case first aid, firefighting or evacuation measures are necessary.

“Currently, at downtown emergency exit is accessed from a private parking with a barrieran aspect that makes it difficult for specialized vehicles to enter”, he pointed out.

Lastly, in the Carmen school The modernization of spaces and facilities is planned through the adequacy of the electrical installation and fire protection to adapt them to current regulations, in addition to improvements in accessibility by means of a ramp and the modification of the access slopes.

I also know will replace the carpentry to comply with the minimum width of entry and evacuation. The project has a tender budget of almost 250,000 euros and an execution period of two months.

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