The spokeswoman for the Municipal Group of Citizens in the Marbella City Council, María García, announced this Wednesday her intention to once again be the candidate for mayor of the liberal formation in the next municipal elections in May 2023.

The councilor explained that she has already communicated to her party, both to the Gestora de Cs in Andalucía and to the Provincial Committee of Málaga, her desire to once again head the list of the liberal party in the municipality of Marbella.

María García has indicated that she has the support of the Board of Directors of Cs Costa del Sol Occidental, as well as with the support of the affiliates and supporters of Cs in the municipality, in a group that “is united despite adversity” and willing to face “with enthusiasm the electoral campaign” so that the liberal formation can continue in the Marbella City Council working for the citizenry.

She was the candidate in the 2019 elections, in which Cs managed to enter the Marbella Corporation for the first time in history and was very few votes short of reaching the second councilor.

During these first three years of mandate, he has developed a great job, becoming the voice of the residents in the Plenary, where most of his motions have the same objective, “improving the life” of the people who reside in Marbella and San Peter Alcantara.

“Despite all the difficulties that the pandemic put us, we have held many meetings with groups and worked in each district of the municipality”, detailed the mayor, who insists on the concept of “useful and close politics, away from confrontation” , which has developed in this time.
There are many motions approved in the plenary sessions at the proposal of Citizens, some of which have already been launched and the rest are pending development by the government team.

“I am excited and I feel very strong to be able to continue this work that we undertook in 2019”, he explained, which is why he has decided to “take this step” with the certainty that the residents of the municipality “will trust us again because We have not let them down.”

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