A few days before the end of the summer, the mayor of Manilva, Mario Jiménez, has made a balance of these months that have been lived intensely in the town.

As references to visualize the extraordinary summer period experienced, it has taken into account the collection of urban solid waste, whose data express the considerable increase in population in the term. From this it is translated that Manilva is an ideal place to spend the holidays. The number of inhabitants in summer has tripled, so an extraordinary effort has had to be made by the City Council to offer all the services in optimal conditions.

Unemployment data, another value to take into account, have been taken with the necessary prudence, and although the trend has been downward, “our obsession is that there is not a single unemployed person in our town,” concluded the mayor. .

Hotel occupancy has exceeded 90%, so we are talking about the service sector in general having benefited, since the hotel industry and the numerous shops and establishments that our municipality has, have had a very productive summer.

According to the local councilor, “after the pandemic, we have returned to this long-awaited normality that has allowed us to enjoy our festivals and traditions with the participation of thousands of people, both neighbors and visitors.” In this same order of things, the Councilor for Fiestas, Daniel Muñoz, with the support of the Government Team, made the decision to maintain the patron saint festivities and return the August Fair to the citizens, which has been a complete success.

“We have seen families participate in a way that has not happened for a long time. Children, adolescents; men and women of all ages. Also, of course, a special mention to our dear elders, who have suffered a lot in these two years, and we have given them back the possibility of enjoying dozens of activities.

All this in a summer program focused on participation in cultural, sports and entertainment activities, also highlighting the massive presence of people in San Juan, the Virgen del Carmen, Santa Ana, San Luis de Sabinillas, the Harvest, the Full Moon , the Spell or the Day of the Tourist.

The Puerto de la Duquesa Tourist Office, with the Sabinillas information point, has received hundreds of people who have requested advice regarding gastronomy, the monuments to visit, the most interesting tours of the municipality, accommodation and sports activities.

One summer, Mario Jiménez concluded, «in which we have resumed our customs and habits to enjoy all the possibilities that our town offers us, and that we will continue to improve infrastructures, services and municipal programming to continue in the progress and development ».

The mayor also wanted to highlight: “The behavior of the vast majority of our neighbors, who have been able to enjoy the summer with respect and collaboration, which has made municipal work much easier, which is none other than improving the quality of life of our citizens”, he concluded.

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