Mercadona already has in Marbella with its first store in the province equipped with a system of photovoltaic panels on its roof, which makes it possible to generate clean energy and cover 17% of the consumption that this surface has for its operation. Specifically, it is capable of producing 135 megawatt hours annually. In addition, it is a system that is especially efficient in this area of ​​the province due to the special characteristics of the Marbella climate and that represents an example of the firm’s commitment to preserving the environment.

This equipment is accompanied by new efficient store concept, designed not only to improve the shopping experience for customers but also to favor the work and efficiency of employees and, in addition, minimize the ecological impact with sustainable measures such as the previous one until the commitment to reduce the use of plastic and recycling of packaging.

The efficient store concept It also allows 40% energy savings in the operation of the supermarket, with measures such as that all the lighting inside the store is LED, which leads to a significant reduction in consumption despite increasing the number of lights to improve the visual quality inside the establishment.

In addition, within the energy saving measures there are also closing by means of doors in cold systems for those foods that are frozen, which reduces energy expenditure and improves temperature control.

Similarly, in areas with products that require refrigeration there is a new system that allows to recover part of the hot air that the refrigeration systems emit to the outside to air-condition the coldest areas of the store.

Locks with doors in the frozen area.

Locks with doors in the frozen area.

In addition, the store has a centralized temperature control system throughout your space, which means that any problem is detected immediately and allows the maintenance teams to be notified to proceed with their repair, which also avoids energy losses by preventing a breakdown from being prolonged. Added to this is a maximum control over the appropriate storage temperatures for the products.

A new model that is also moved to the car park, where there are bases for electric vehicles that they are able to provide emergency charges for those customers who have been able to detect a low battery level in their vehicle and that may compromise their return to their home.

Mercadona’s new supermarket also has news in all its sections. For example, it has a new delicatessen with sliced ​​and packed ham, a central gondola in the perfumery for specialized cosmetics, a freshly squeezed orange juice service, sushi specialties, a new oven section with bread slicer and pastry refrigerated or a new exhibition in the fishmonger for shell products, among other novelties.

Another service it has is the section Ready to eat, which has different dishes that are served in containers made with natural materials such as sugar cane (compostable material), cardboard or paper.

Among other improvements, the establishment also has a double glazed entrance that prevents drafts and improves temperature control.

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