The Bridge of the feast of All Saints was not only celebrated last Monday in the cemeteries and the Marbella’s old town hosted a processional march that forced the hospitality terraces to be raised and commercial exhibitors without prior notice, a action that has created “unease” among merchants of the area, according to the president of the Platform of merchants and hoteliers of Marbella, Nahuel Klappenbach.

The merchant has highlighted the “discomfort” that the measure has generated in many businesses in the area, since, as indicated, has meant “losses“, So it asks the local Administration to” give an explanation “and that events of a similar nature are”notified in good time “ looking to the future because at 8:00 pm on Monday the Local Police reported that “before 9:00 pm we had to remove the awnings.”

Klappenbach has defended “the public use of the road for all”, but has regretted that on this occasion “not notified “on a holiday where” all restaurants had reservations “, ensuring that the obligation to “remove the exhibitors and awnings” in the case of shops and “terraces” in the hospitality industry has caused “An economic and image damage” due to “lack of seriousness”.

As you have indicated, many entrepreneurs “have hired people for a non-existent terrace or food for the dinner that they have not been able to give and have thrown themselves away ”. “It cannot happen again, it is inadmissible,” he exclaimed, while emphasizing that this type of act must be “Notified with enough time not to take reservations, not to prepare food or not to open”.

One of the affected restaurants was ‘Medium rare’, located on Ancha Street, where it was necessary to remove “about seven tables” from the public thoroughfare, has pointed out Sinforiano Galera, an employee of the establishment, who has estimated a loss of between “500 and 600 euros” by “missing the dinner shift.” Thus, he has assured that “it has been the day that I have made less cash of the whole year “, and has asked the City Council to “put more margin” and let us “bring the tables to the wall” instead of removing them and giving notice.

Another hotelier in the area who has preferred to remain anonymous has assured that due to the magnitude of the processional step “it was not necessary to remove the tables” and the event generated a “zero agglomeration”, so it has considered “Ridiculous” that they forced the hoteliers to remove the terraces, and like other entrepreneurs, has highlighted the need to “notify it in time” because “you are already organized and you do not work with reservations.”

For his part, one of the proprietary partners of the Central Café, located in the Plaza de los Naranjos, Gervasio Burgos, has stated that the processional step “caused no problems”, despite the fact that he had to remove between “6 and 7 tables” during “about fifteen minutes that the procession lasted.” The host has stated that the event helps to “set the old town”, ensuring that “customers stayed to see it.”

From the Los Naranjos cafeteria, located in the main square, they have indicated that the procession “did not affect us because we closed before”, as stated by the employee Pedro González, who has pointed out that the place usually closes between 22:00 and 23:00.

For its part, the Marbella City Council has declined to give its version of what happened.

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