A total of 37 chefs -most of them currently Michelin-starred-, have joined the project `Chefs for children’ to raise funds in Marbella in order to promote the integration in the classrooms of students with Down syndromewith a gala that will take place on May 16 at the five-star Gran Lujo Los Monteros hotel.

The act of presentation of the solidary dinner has counted this Monday with the participation of Fernando Villasclaras, from the El Lago restaurant; Jose Carlos Garcia of the establishment with the same name either Maurizio Giovanini of Messina, all with a star; as well as Mario Cachinero from the bi-starred skina, in addition to the mayor, Ángeles Muñoz, or the member of the board of the Down Spain Federation, Francisco Muñoz.

The solidarity day will take place on May 16 and will start with several cooking workshops at the Los Monteros hotel, where 37 chefs will cook for 150 schoolchildren with Down syndrome and from the Brothers Gil Muñiz schools, Our Lady of Carmen, Valdeolletas, Silversmith, Xarblanca, Miguel de Cervantes and Francisco Echamendi, as the objective of the project is to teach the importance of eating healthy from childhood.

The event will continue in the evening with a solidarity gala which will be presented by the actor and humorist Salva Reina and that it will have a eight course tasting menu made by Michelin stars from Malaga, plus an iconic dish by Martín Berasategui, and whose tickets are already on sale at www.chefsforchildren.es.

The member of the Board of Directors of Down Spain He explained that the proceeds from the gala will go to the project play down, that develops Down Málaga, and that involves work in the field of “speech therapy and educational resources from the game.”

Specifically, it has detailed that the initiative focuses on “educational support” for users “within the classroom without interfering in the work of teachers”, and that it consists of the delivery of “adapted material” and the accompaniment of teachers of the group itself users so that “academic development is the best possible” and promote an “inclusive school for all”.

The cook Mauritius Giovanini, of Messina, has highlighted the “work with enthusiasm that we cooks do” with children, in addition to collaborating with “foundations that do hard work every day”, while Mario Cachinero He has declared that “contributing to a good cause is wonderful” and has emphasized that “the most human side of people comes out”.

Jose Carlos Garcia has highlighted that his participation in the ‘Chefs for children’ project is “an extraordinary, comforting experience and the best paid I’ve had so far in my job.” “Cooks have agendas and we always have something to do, but andThis reason makes you remove all and put it first”, he stressed.

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