The Mijas Town Hall has reinforced the firefighting service with a new fire station that will be operational during the summer, as the municipality is one of the danger areas due to the risk of forest fires in Andalusia, as reported by the mayor, Josele González, on Tuesday.

“Today we are in yellow warning for high temperatures and tomorrow the situation is even more complicated with an orange warning for temperatures that could reach 40 degrees. Our town has an incalculable natural heritage and we have a duty to protect it against possible forest fires, even more so on these hot summer days when the risk is even greater”, González stated.

Thus, this summer reinforcement will be operational from 1:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., “thus responding with a request that the firefighters themselves had been sending us for some time”, added the mayor, who has underlined the commitment of the government team “with the safety of our neighbors, of the thousands of visitors who choose us as a tourist destination this summer, of our firefighters and, of course, for protecting our environment and the great natural heritage of Mijas that has the Sierra de Mijas as its greatest bulwark”.

Thus, it has advanced that Until 15 September This reinforcement checkpoint will have an average of three firefighters a day, reaching seven troops per shift in that time slot, which translates into “a notable increase in the response capacity to possible emergencies”, added the coordinator. from the Fire Fighting and Rescue Service, Francisco Manuel Mérida, who has emphasized that this reinforcement “will guarantee a more immediate and effective intervention, limiting the risks and minimizing the possible consequences of any accident; which supposes an increase of the security for the citizens and for the own firefighters”.

At present, the The Mijas Fire Brigade is made up of 31 troopswhich only in 2022 attended more than 800 incidents in the town, of which 40 percent were due to fires.

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