‘I stay in Mijas‘. This is the name of the first marketplace or virtual showcase launched by the Mijas City Council with the aim of promoting and supporting local commerce, which will allow local merchants make yourself known and sell your products and services in a online and totally free, as announced yesterday by the mayor, Josele González.

The platform is hosted on the web www.yomequedoenmijas.com, as specified by the councilor in the presentation of the initiative, where he pointed out that it “is a pioneer, in which we have worked for more than a year hand in hand with merchants, thus responding to the need for take a digital leap and create a great web directory that allows improve the positioning and competitiveness of our local businesses“.

González emphasized that it is a web “very simple and intuitive that will help all businesses, both those who are used to working in the trade online like those others who have never done it and decide take this opportunity to launch into this market. “

For her part, the mayor of Commerce, Natalia Martínez explained “that The objective of this initiative is, on the one hand, to digitize local companies to increase their sales, and on the other, make all the businesses visible among the mijeños and the mijeñas that exist in Mijas through an extensive directory that will be hosted on the web and through which any neighbor will be able to locate the adhered businesses depending on the category or population center in which they carry out their activity “.

People interested in being part of ‘I stay in Mijas’ can formalize your registration through the website itself until next September 10. “A specialized technical team will be in charge of contacting them and explaining all the platform operation and give you all the necessary tools to be themselves the managers of your showcase online“said Martínez, who announced” that a campaign will begin at the foot of the street with the merchants themselves, explaining what the platform consists of and in which we will distribute bags, fans and advertising shirts. ”

In yomequedoenmijas.com, the participating merchants will be able to manage quickly and easily through a control panel all the sections of your catalog online, from the stock, going through the descriptions of the products, the discounts and promotions or the sales. Hospitality businesses will be able to process reservations or offer their letter through the web if they have delivery drivers at home.

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