The municipality of Mijas Pueblo expands its hotel offer with the inauguration of the 3-star superior hotel Opuntiawhich opened its doors this Wednesday next to the Plaza de la Constitución, in the heart of the historic center, which has had a investment of 1.2 million euros to reform the property, as reported by the mayor, Josele González.

This was highlighted by the councilor at the inauguration of the tourist establishment, which will be governed under the concept hotel shopwhich comes to improve and diversify the offer of the locality.

A few weeks before it begins to receive its first guests, González has highlighted that the new hotel “represents a very important project for the municipalitysince it has been developed from family way taking care of every detail and at the same time respecting something that is essential for us such as the external and internal architectural elements, since even the orientation and distribution of its spaces keep the layout of the traditional Mijas houses”.

Similarly, González has stated that the hotel “it will be one more claim which is going to add up and come in very handy from the tourist point of view and I am sure that will delight tourists who come to visit us and that they will be able to enjoy a complete experience of the surroundings of Mijas Pueblo”.

An experience that is also intensified by the fact that the hotel has a space dedicated to crafts and artisans from Mijas offering their creations, as well as a restaurant-cafeteria, South Wind, where priority will be given to the traditional gastronomy of the municipality. Spaces that, for Josele González, “will take on their own identity within the historic center of Mijas”.

In this sense, the mayor of Urbanism, Andrés Ruiz, has remarked that “this project has been very worked from the beginning, both by the owners and by the Urbanism area”. And it is that, to get ahead, “the license has also had to go through Culturewhich has very rigid specifications in terms of scrupulous respect for the façade of historic buildings”.

This attractive three-star superior complex, in addition to respect the architectural values ​​of Mijas, mixes tranquility and calm with luxury, for which those responsible have iInvested nearly 1.2 million euros in reforming and refurbishing the property. For this reason, Ruiz has emphasized that “Mijas has gained a tourist and cultural space with great traditional reminiscences thanks to the fruit of a very well coordinated and very well executed work and project”.

The Hotel Opuntia adds up like this Eight new beds for the tourist offer in Mijas in an absolutely privileged space, which is a real revulsive in a very sensitive area of one of the most special urban centers of the town.

That is why the first mayor has stressed that “it is not easy to execute a project of these characteristics in the heart of Mijas Pueblo due to the very special cultural and urban conditions that it has and that we must closely monitor, but the firm respect that those responsible for the hotel They have shown from the first moment the interest that there was to carry it out”.

The mayor of Urbanism has taken advantage of the occasion to give him the congratulations to the builder “because the work he has done has been practically handmade, resulting in this wonderful establishment that is perfectly integrated into the environment and maintaining the essence of the historic center of Mijas. The truth is that Mijas is very fortunate to be able to have a space like this that will enhance the local economic framework”.

Finally, one of the owners of the complex and also a neighbor, Juan Luis Millán, stated that “during the For the last eleven years we have worked to carry out this dream: first to acquire the part of the property that was not ours; second, to get the building license and reform the old house and, finally, to put into start the three economic activities that will take place in this hotel”.

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