The City Council of Mijas has invested 146,495 euros in the installation of 9 new smart pedestrian crossings with LED technology, that they will have the pictograms intended for people with autism spectrum, as announced this Wednesday by the mayor of Operational Services, José Carlos Martín.

Thus, the councilor has stressed that the City Council has as a priority “the improvement in the quality of life of the neighborsas well as the lucha for equality and the integration of people from Mijas with some type of disability ”, and added that “in this way, the municipality’s road safety is improved.”

Martín has pointed out that the implementation of these new smart pedestrian crossings begins, who come to join the two already existing, one on the Camino de Coín and the other on the Camino de El Albero. This type of horizontal signaling works by means of an LED lighting system, so that when a person approaches the road to cross the street, the sensors detect it and turn on to warn vehicles that are approaching the road.

“The illuminated horizontal and vertical signage lights up with movement of users and this allows drivers to better identify pedestrians, offering that plus security for both parties“, Has assured Martín who has highlighted that” this type of pedestrian crossings are great allies for people with visual impairment and can help them when crossing.

In this sense, it should be noted that they are already being carried out the necessary electricity connections, whose budget amounts to about 65,000 euros. The part of the installation and purchase of smart pedestrian crossings has involved an investment of 74,295 euros. Regarding the areas where they will be installed, they would be: in Doña Ermita in Río Las Pasadas street as well as in Miguel Hernández avenues, Mijas, María Zambrano and in San Javier Street in the lagoon nucleus, while in the nucleus Caleño will be installed in the Boulevard de la Cala and in front of the Butibamba Park.

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