The Town Hall of Mijas has allocated 4 million euros this year to obtain land for public works, an amount that has been allocated to fertilize the land to the owners of the plotsas reported this Friday by the mayor of Urban Planning of Mijas, Andrés Ruiz.

The councilor stressed that “our municipality grows in population and urban areas expand, which means we have to provide new infrastructures and connections to the city”.

To this end, it has indicated that “in some points it has been necessary expropriate plots for the execution of these works”, pointed out the councilor, who added that “in 2022 we have paid the four million euros that we had consigned, which means that we have fulfilled the commitments with the owners of the land”.

Ruiz has pointed to examples such as the connection of AMPA Las Caracolas avenue with the Camino de Coín or, more recently, the widening works of the Camino de Campanales. “We are growing and we must do so in an orderly and planned manner. We will continue working in this direction to improve the mobility and services of our neighbors”, added the mayor.

The councilor has also indicated that obtaining these lands has been essential to advance in the development of municipal work and to gain more green areas, also highlighting as an example, the Santa Rosa urbanizationin the area of ​​Mijas Pueblo, in which more than 4,000 square meters have passed to the name of the Town Hall, which means gaining in green areas and, in addition, protecting the skirt of the town, guaranteeing its landscape.

In this sense, it should be noted that 5 years ago the Department of Town Planning launched the Urban management section’, that is specially created to carry out these procedures so that the owners of plots already occupied by the City Council and who had not received their money, as well as for subsequent acquisitions, since there is a large investment in public works in the municipality.

“Everytime that a work is done and a piece of property is going to be occupiedwhat is done is ensure that the owner has his rights to be compensated or compensated by other urban uses, that is to say, that the property is guaranteed”, Ruiz concluded.

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