The plenary of Mijas has approved this Friday a budget modification for a value of 3.9 million euros to raise the item of the ‘Basic Income’ program or subsidies to groups, a motion that has had the favorable vote of the PSOE and Csagainst the PP and the abstention of the 3 non-attached councillors.

The Councilor for Finance, Roy Pérez, has been in charge of defending the proposal, which provides aid for ADIMI, Cudeca or AECC, who has highlighted that “we are talking about a much-needed modification that comes to enable the expansion of hiring of unemployed and Mijas through the Basic Income social and labor insertion program, with the increase in 2.3 million of the game allocated for this purposein what is a clear sign of the support and impulse that this local government has given to the program over the last few years”.

According to the municipal official, this makes it possible for “close to thousands of unemployed, neighbors and neighbors of Mijas to have an opportunity employment and income when they are going through the worst”, to which he added that “in the face of this clear and determined commitment of this local government, we find ourselves at a opposition led by the Popular Party voting once again against of the interests of the people of Mijas, against creating jobs for the unemployed in Mijas, just as they already did by voting against aid to companies and freelancers in our town when they needed it most”.

Roy has valued the budget modification as a “tool” that “has also allowed raising for its Approval of aid to social groups of Mijas who carry out their work in the town, with grants ranging from 2,500 euros as is the case of the one destined for Appaffer and the 55,000 euros of the subsidy earmarked for Afesol’s supervised flats.

“From the first minute we have opted for some living budgets, open to the needs of the mijeños and the mijeñasand in them could not miss once again the Support for our groups and social entities that associations like AFAM do so much and so well for Mijas; AFA; CUDECA; APPAFFER; AECC; Red Cross; Afesol; Málaga Acoge or ADIMI”, an approval that “has also come up against the opposition denial, that ignores these entities that do so much good in Mijas”.

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