The ordinary plenary session of the City Council of mijas has given the green light this Wednesday to the proposal presented to advance in the construction project of the future hospitalwhich would include the signing of a collaboration agreement between the City Council and the Junta, to assume the hospital building construction charged to the municipal budget, a motion that has gone ahead with the votes in favor of the PSOE, Cs and the non-attached councilors and against the PP.

The mayor, Josele González, has been in charge of defending the proposal, who has highlighted that the urgent motion has been presented by the Government team, and contemplates that the commissioning, maintenance and staffing would be the responsibility of of Andalusian Health Service (SAS).

González has indicated that “we have done everything in our power, collaborating at all times with the Board, competent in matters of Health, and we will continue to do so expanding how many lines of work are feasible to respond to an urgent need for the men and women of Mijeños, which is none other than that they finally have quality health care and in the same conditions as residents of other municipalities in the province”.

We do not ask for anything extraordinary, but let us take over the construction of this hospital and we can close this agreement as the Board already did with the Estepona City Council”, he indicated.

For his part, the mayor of Works, José Carlos Martín, has assessed that “the Mijas hospital will not be built in the short or medium term because the Junta de Andalucía has left it out of its roadmap, as hard and simple as that”, emphasizing that “it is not something that you buy today and put it tomorrow, because it has its processing and its time to develop and the regional administration plans two new health centers in Fuengirola, the third hospital in Malaga, the expansion of the Costa del Sol hospital and the Estepona hospital, leaving Mijas out of the equation”.

The first deputy mayor has also stressed that “the neighbors are tired of to listen electoral promises for twenty years on the hospital for which he has invited to work with discretion, silence and loyalty”. The motion registered this week by both townspeople, who called the situation “unsustainable”, thus reflects the degradation of health care in the locality and that manifests itself in waits of more than 8 hours in the emergency room of the Las Lagunas Health Center.

Among the aspects included in it, the local government explains how the city, consolidated as the third municipality in the province of Malaga with the largest number of inhabitants, with 92,920 residents registered at the end of 2022, only surpassed by Marbella (161,870 people) and Malaga (579,076 people) according to data from the National Institute of Statistics (INE), does not have any high-resolution hospital care centeras is the case in other municipalities in the province with fewer occupants (see the case of Estepona or Benalmádena).

Likewise, in the body of the same it is detailed how the lack of sanitary equipmentaggravated by the lack of provision of services such as the absence of 24-hour emergencies in the center of La Cala and the saturation of primary care centers such as the Las Lagunas Health Center, has led to an unprecedented crisis whose consequences are enduring daily the mijeños and the mijeñas.

A Health center, Las Lagunas, which they point out, covers the municipality as well as the neighboring municipality of Fuengirola (83,226 inhabitants), which means an estimated population of over 175,000 inhabitants, which further increases the healthcare pressure to which professionals who practice their daily work in this center. Figures that are also increased notably during the summer period, in which both municipalities double their population.

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