The City Council of Mijas has reported this Friday that it has authorized the return to their homes of the neighbors have been evacuated preventively after the fire recorded around 12:37 p.m. in El Higuerón, where firefighters are currently working “cooling the affected area of ​​our municipality in control phase”.

As reported from the Consistory, the local security forces such as “lthe Local Police and the Civil Guard” have authorized the return of those evicted to their homes after 3:30 p.m., despite the fact that they were “far away” from the area affected by the fire, for which reason the evictions have been provoked in a preventive manner, as well as a figure for the number of those affected, who “have already returned,” they have indicated.

From the Consistory they have recalled that the first call was made at 12:26 p.m. to the “Emergency service from the Firefighters of Mijas themselves”, for which the “Level 1 Emergency Plan for Forest Fires”.

At the local level, members of the corps of “Firefighters, Local Police, Civil Protection and municipal workers various services such as operations, cleaning, parks and gardens and basic income for provide support with soda cans or the transfer of peopleamong others”, they have detailed.

In this way, they have specified that the Mijas Fire Department has mobilized “3 fire crewswith a total of 17 troops acting on the ground”.

The fire is affecting several municipalities in Malaga such as Alhaurín de la Torre and Alhaurín el Grandein which more than 1,000 residents have been preventively evicted from the urbanizations Lauro Golf, Jarapalos and Llanos de la Plata in the first and Buenavista in the second.

The General Directorate of Traffic has also reported the closure of two highways due to the fire. The A 368, in Mijas, between kilometers 0 and 5 as a result of smoke. It has been closed both ways. The A-404, from kilometer 9 to 12, has also been closed in both directions as it passes through Alhaurín el Grande.

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