Mijas Town Hall has started the installation of the new beach equipment for Eastera performance that has an investment of 300,000 euros from the joint investment plan (PIM) of the Commonwealth, as reported this Wednesday by the mayor of the branch, José Carlos Martín.

“We have started to prepare the coastline for the high season and this is a performance that will give a great boost to our services and aesthetics. Among the new elements are rescue and lifeguard or toilet modules, towers, showers and fountains that are going to be located along our entire coast”, the councilor pointed out.

So, in addition to having more resistant and sustainable materialsthe booths also now have a more modern design, respecting the features of the wood, but giving it a more maritime meaning, with drawings in white and blue tones.

“This is going to be the new equipment format that we want to implement on all our beaches, obviously we will change them little by little depending on our possibilities, but the idea is extend this new aesthetic to all our modules beach, both cleaning and rescue and first aid ”, has detailed the mayor.

Of these tasks the Beaches teams themselves are in charge using extra machinery from Servicios Operativos de Mijas. In parallel to these works, contributions of sand are also being carried out at certain points on the Mijas coast, as reported by the first deputy mayor, all with a date in mind, the month of April and the beginning of Holy Week.

“Fortunately, the recent storms that we have had on the coast have respected us slightly more than the previous year and no significant damage has been recorded, in fact, the coastal path has not been affected”, pointed out Martín, who added that “he hopes that in this month of March, as far as possible, there are no major storms, so that our beaches present their best image during the first week of April, which is when we will receive the greatest number of visitors”.

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