The municipality of Mijas has commemorated this Tuesday the pride day with his first protest party for the rights of the LGTBI collective+, which has brought together hundreds of people, and which aims to make visible and move towards a diverse and respectful society, as reported by the mayor, Josele González.

The festival has started with the reading of a manifesto at 12.00 hours at the door of the Town Hall to claim Pride Day, and continued in the afternoon with the first Township Pride Festivalwhich began its programming at 8:30 p.m. in the courtyard of the Teatro de Las Lagunas, and in which attendees were able to enjoy a speech by Katrina, live music by Martha Pérez and a large photocall, among other surprises.

“Today again like every year we return to claim that our city is a proud municipality, proud to belong to networks such as the Network of Proud Municipalities of Andalusia and to be a diverse municipality in which day after day we continue to advance towards a society that lives, feels and loves free” pointed out the councilor.

González added that “as long as there is a person who feels questioned about their sexual conditionit will be necessary to continue claiming and taking to the streets to defend sexual and affective diversity”.

In this sense, he has declared that “the one that will be the first LGTBI Pride gala in Mijas has that goal, to continue joining efforts to give visibility to the collective and break down any barrier in order to move towards a diverse and respectful society”.

Along the same lines, Natalia Martínez, councilor for the Equality and Diversity area, has spoken out, pointing out that “throughout the June we celebrate diversity with all kinds of activities, which add to the commemoration of this day”.

The mayor has detailed that this year 2022 is “very positive for the LGTBIQ collective +, since they have passed laws recently that guarantee the rights and freedomsbut above all, and without forgetting, how much remains to be achieved, in raising awareness and sensitizing the public”.

From the City Council they ensure that they continue to work on visibility, making a special effort in the educational field. A good example of this are the coeducation workshops developed in the educational centers of the municipality, in which, in addition to increasing the number of courses, the number of students has been implemented thus promoting “education as a fundamental basis for achieving a society that advances and in which no one feels discriminated against because of their sexual condition or gender identity”.

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