The municipality of Mijas “has broken its own hotel occupancy record this summer” and has closed the tourist season with a average hotel occupancy of 90.4%representative the national market 40% of the visits that have occurred in the municipality, as announced on Tuesday by the Councilor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín.

The mayor has highlighted that during the month of July “occupancy reached 89.95%, being in August of 90.89%, so the average is 90.4 percent, that is, the highest number in the history of the municipality”.

“We are very satisfied with the work we have done from the Tourism Department because we have managed not only to recover from the pandemic, but to increase the figures”, Martín extolled, who assured that “all this translates into the generation of wealth and jobs in our city, so we will continue to act along the same lines to strengthen our tourism industry”.

The First Deputy Mayor has reported that the main issuing market of visitors to the town is the nationalwith almost 40% of the visits, followed by the British with almost 26% and the French, who caress 11%.

So the Spanish tourist has once again been the main protagonist in visits to the tourist offices of the municipality, which shows that the advertising campaigns launched by the department to attract the local public are having an effect.

For this season the Consistory has opted for the ‘selfie route. “This campaign helps us to project ourselves even more in our country, completing the momentum that has earned us to top national rankings“, pointed out the first deputy mayor, who has detailed examples such as “the appointment of the city in 2022 as ‘Capital of Rural Tourism in Malaga’ and in 2021 being part of the 20 best rural destinations on the coast of Spain. To this is added that the well-known eBooking tourist accommodation website highlighted Mijas as one of the destinations with the highest growth last year, increasing its searches by 69 percent”.

Finally, Martín recalled the recent Nutella’s commitment to the municipality when selecting one of the points of the ‘Selfie Route’ for your advertising campaign of the special edition called ‘We have what’s good at home’. “This initiative is an excellent opportunity to be present on all the shelves of stores and supermarkets in Spain, where our destination is once again the protagonist at a national level”, asserted the first deputy mayor, who concluded by saying that “the department will continue working in this line to consolidate Mijas as one of the favorite places to visit in southern Europe”.

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