The city of Mijas hosts various events these days on the occasion of the commemoration of World Alzheimer’s Day, a date that this time comes under the motto “InvestigationActionon the itinerary of dementia, as reported by the mayor of the town Josele González.

“Today we accompany the volunteers who are at these petition tables, coinciding with the commemoration of this day in which it seeks to give visibility to the work that groups such as AFA Mijas carry out in our city”, declared the councilman.

González has highlighted that “unfortunately, each time they are plus the families that directly or indirectly suffer the consequences of this terrible disease”, who added that “it is time to raise your voice to continue demanding more research to find the cure, as well as continue adding both from the administration and through volunteering to cover the needs of these families”.

For her part, the Councilor for Health, Candela León, pointed out that “from the City Council we collaborate at all times with this type of actions to give visibility and put into work the great work that they carry out in municipalities like ours, essential to provide a higher quality of life for those affected for this disease thanks to the numerous workshops and attention that are developed in centers such as AFA Mijas”.

The director and psychologist of the AFA Mijas day center, Mari Carmen López, has indicated that “we are having different activities that began with a series of acknowledgments to establishments who throughout the last month have collaborated with the association with the purchase of our solidarity flowers or to the Bellavista cafeteria that launched a solidarity initiative during the Fair”.

The acts have been completed “with the petition tables located in the three nuclei of the town, and that will end with an open day on Wednesday afternoon. From here to thank all the volunteers and the Mijitas Women’s Association who has also joined our petition tables”.

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