The City Council of Mijas controls the quality measures of its coastline during the summer season, emphasizing “the lcleanliness of water and sand, environmental settings, native fauna and flora” or accessibility, as declared on Wednesday by the councilor for the branch, José Carlos Martín.

This has been highlighted by the mayor after the meeting with the managing body of beaches of the Town Hall of the locality, in which it has been placed on the table how is the high season developing on the coast of Mijas during the summer of this 2022.

According to Martín, in this way “all the departments that are involved in the Mijas coastline remain vigilant to maintain the quality of our beachesone of the more powerful and engaging engines of our town.”

A surveillance that from the Department of Beaches is carried out through “a transversal coordination with other areas of the Consistory” and, thus, “with everyone’s efforts we managed to make the coast of Mijas one of the most cutting-edge of the sun and beach destinations in the south of Spain”, Martin recalled.

Therefore, the municipal areas in charge of the maintenance, cleaning and security of the Mijas coast, as well as professionals from the sector and the responsible for the audit of OCA Global.

On this last point, the councilor recalled that last April an audit was carried out by OCA Global “with the objective of certify the quality of our beaches and services that we lend to renew all our quality certifications”, a study with which “there was no non-conformity with the topics discussed, so they did not make any objections”.

Other points discussed during the meeting were the Local Police incident statistics and of the Rescue and Lifeguard actions, the review of the suggestions of the users on the use of water on the beaches, a study of criteria to be taken into account in terms of the sustainability in a drought scenariothe management of the three smoke-free beaches where you can not smoke that the town has, as well as a review of the improvements that can be made on the beaches for the rest of the season taking into account the incidents reported.

That is why Martín has pointed out that “cleaning water and sandthe environmental settings, the native fauna and flora, as well as the accessibility and the services provided are of vital importance in this very complex summer in which we are having a large influx of people thanks to the high quality of our beaches”.

For the mayor, these points are essential to monitor because “The quality and care of the beaches is essential now more than ever in such a competitive tourist market”, who adds that “the department will continue to work for preserve the quality marksue has reached, while we strive to achieve new elements that certify our excellence”.

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