The mayor of Works and Management of Facilities and Energy of the City Council of mijas, José Carlos Martín, announced this Tuesday that he is already definitively approved the ‘regulation of management of municipal car parks’, a document that “establishes the use, exploitation and acquisition of parking spaces in service and those planned soon”.

The objective of the legal text is “harmonize and order the operation, circulation, acquisition of places and the vehicles that can access this space”, being “a necessary document to have in all these facilities”, has detailed the councilor of Mijas.

In this sense, Martín added that “although the initial text already had the approval of the Plenary, in this second step the department has added allegations that the neighbors have carried out after the public exhibition of the same that, once studied by the municipal technicians, those that have been feasible have joined the regulation to reach this final approval.

Among the most significant changes, it should be noted in the first place that, although initially each subscriber space could only house one vehicleusers will now be able to either have a registered car or two motorcycles, thus allowing that duality in motorcycles that was not contemplated.

On the other hand, it should be noted that if the times to apply for places are exhaustedthe neighbors will continue to have the open term if the percentage has not been covered appointed in each parking for resident parking.

Thus, the ‘municipal car park regulation’ It allows not only to regularize the already existing ones, but to establish the norms of those that are built in the future. “It is a text that offers us some tools so that everyone knows their rights and obligations within these facilities”, stated Martín, who clarified that “the public price ordinance was already definitively approved at the end of last year, so the rates are already in place”.

In this regard, it should be noted that the seats for rent have a cost of 50 euros per month and those destined for rotation will be free for the first hour and from the second to the ninth a single rate of one euro will apply. “We have made large investments in building these infrastructures to put an end to the historical problem of parking in the municipality and with this regulation, we also make sure that prices are kept affordable for residents because they are municipal facilities”.

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