The Mijas Town Hall has handed over this Friday four new urban gardens to pensioners and retirees of the locality, in some plots that are located in the fourth phase of Las Lagunas, next to the Tamixa school, as reported by the mayor, Josele González.

The alderman has been happy to “be able to deliver these plots to four new winners what for plant the best vegetables and greens while they take advantage of their free time, because it is worth remembering that these orchards are intended for retired people in our municipality so that they have an active aging”.

The first mayor has underlined that “with these new adjudications we reached the figure of 200 urban gardensfavoring the rotation that is done with total transparency depending on the order of registration.

Altogether, some 200 urban gardens distributed between La Cala and Las Lagunas with a high demand from the elderly in the town, “that is why in the Mijas Town Hall we are working together with several departments to the creation of new plots of urban gardensIn fact, we have already designated new areas, although a project is still ahead to clean them up and enable them to be used”, he advanced.

For her part, the Councilor for the Elderly, Tamara Vera, assured that “there is no greater reward for the work we do from the department than see the illusion that our elders have when they receive the keys to their orchard”. For them, “it represents not only a routine, but also share moments with other colleagues, get out of their house for a while, have a good time while they get those fruits”. The activity promotes “active aging, a fundamental task that is also carried out in our workshops in the homes of retirees”.

Francisco Pacheco is one of the new beneficiaries. Raised in the countryside, “I know a little about the orchard”, he assures him, he already has in mind what he will do with his plot as soon as he opens it: “First you have to water it so that the earth becomes tender and then dig it to plant”, he adds. Agustín Carretero also releases keys to his plot. Excited about his new orchard, he assures that the most important thing “it is to have something to do and be entertained”.

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