The Mijas Town Hall has delivered this Tuesday nine urban gardens for pensioners and retirees of the town, whose plots are located in the phase IV of Las Lagunas, next to the Tamixa school, and in La Calaas reported by the mayor, Josele González.

The councilor highlighted that “today we handed over the keys to four urban gardens in Las Lagunas and five in La Calaa total of nine plots that receive new beneficiaries willing to plant all kinds of vegetables while promoting their active aging in an open-air space”.

González has highlighted that “we continue to improve our three plots, two in Las Lagunas and one in La Cala, all with the aim of enhancing a project that also encourages coexistence among our elders”.

Mijas currently has about 200 plots divided between Las Lagunas and La Cala. “The greatest demand is found in the lagoon nucleus, since it is in this where we have a larger number of retireeshence the importance of checking that no plot is left unused”, indicated the Councilor for the Third Age, Tamara Vera.

“For our elders these orchards are a more leisure option, to have a routine in retirementand from the Senior Citizens department we will do everything possible to continue encouraging its use

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