The Mijas Town Hall made delivery this Monday of six new urban orchards pensioners and retirees, four of whom are located in Las Lagunas and two in La Cala, currently counting on more than 200 plots distributed in these population centers, as announced by the mayor, Josele González.

The councilor stressed that the beneficiaries “are elderly people who have been waiting for their small plot of land where they can grow vegetables and vegetables for your home”pointing out that “the Senior Citizens area works all year round not only to guarantee rotation, especially in Las Lagunas where there is a larger waiting list, but also in the delivery transparencybeing done by strict order of request, with full guarantee”.

González has underlined that “one of the most beautiful things about urban gardens is that there are older people who have more knowledge of planting in the landOn the other hand, others don’t because they come from other professions or from another lifestyle, but everyone learns from everyone”.

“Promote that unity within the community of urban gardens is also very positive, which is why we are already working on different days of coexistence between the largest of the orchards of La Cala and Las Lagunas so that this union continues to grow”, he added.

Currently, the municipality of Mijas has more than 200 urban orchards distributed through the towns of Las Lagunas and La Cala, although from the Senior Citizens area “new areas are still being sought to expand this number of plots because we have a great demand from our elders”, says the councillor, Tamara Vera , who has recalled that “urban gardens are included in the active aging programconstituting a section of vital importance for them because in addition to the camaraderie they create among them, it gives them a new illusion”.

Manuel Molina, one of the neighbors who picked up the keys to his plot in La Cala this morning, spoke in this regard, declaring that “although I grew up in the countryside and know all about this, me this serves as therapy“, he says excitedly. The same illusion shared by Ana Aloza, a beneficiary in Las Lagunas, who has pointed out that “it is a way of occupying time at this age when you have so much free time. I don’t have much knowledge of plantingbut I have a good friend who has had an orchard for a long time and she is going to guide me a lot, although I think it’s just getting into her rhythm”, she added.

Finally, from the Consistory they have reminded that all those retired neighbors or pensioners interested in being part of this activity will be able to formalize your registration through the municipal register or in the Senior Citizens department itself.

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