The City Council of Mijas planning the implementation of mobile application that allows to know in real time the inventory of tree mass owned by the municipality, as well as define a risk map and order management workas announced on Wednesday by the Councilor for Parks and Gardens, Laura Moreno.

The technological tool was presented today at a work table which was attended by the mayor of the branch, as well as members of this municipal area, Basic Income and Environment.

Morena pointed out that “it is one more work tool that would make it possible to control, among other things, the danger zone we have, pest control or pruningand in short, real-time planning because it is constantly updated”.

In this way, he has pointed out that “it serves both for the inventory as for the control of all actions that have to be carried out within a municipality like ours, with 149 square kilometers, which it would save having to have staff constantly to inspect said inventory.

Moreno has advanced that “with this meeting what we intend is assess its implementation in our municipality so to do actions more effective what we’re doing.”

This application, which can be managed from a tablet or mobile, is already is applying in other institutions and places such as the City Council of Ronda or the Botanical Garden of the Concepción de Málaga.

As explained by the manager of the company responsible for the application, Luis Alberto Díaz, its origin is linked “to the serious problem we saw with the inventory of trees. As the specifications indicate, the inventory is made every four years, but it is not updated, so managing something that you do not really know what you have is difficult and from there we begin to develop this application that is very visual and intuitive“.

In addition to define a risk map and order management workthis tool has a alert calendar or the creation of optimized tabswhich is why it has come to explore new ways of managing and controlling the wooded areas of municipalities as large and green as Mijas.

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