The Town Hall of mijas authorized in the locality 12 shoots of different kinds during the past year, which “represents twice the recordings compared to the previous year, as announced this Friday by the Councilor for Public Highways, Nicolás Cruz.

Among the authorized recordings, the mayor has highlighted that there are series What We’re almost there, Sexy Beast, The Paradise either The Faradsa fictional short film, the TV shows A place in the sun Y Be B&B of Lovea advertisement of the BMV automobile chain or the filming of different scenes by the production company Isla Audiovisual.

“Mijas has become a small set that arouses the interest of producers”, added Cruz, who stressed that “the characteristics of our municipality, the bureaucratic facilities and the low tax burden that we have on public roads make us interesting for this type of activity, which projects an image of the municipality not only nationally but also internationally”.

On the other hand, from the Department of Public Roads they have made a balance of the year in other efforts, highlighting the 10% increase in the number of procedures in occupations of public roads and fords. “With regard to occupations of public roads, terraces, chairs and tables are included, authorizations for vats that have amounted to 279, with which we see that self-employment continues to be generated in the field of hospitality and in the construction sector” , has added the mayor.

With respect to fords processed during the past year, the figure reaches 150, “many of them are changes of ownership, because the person who resides in the house is now another. This tells us that the buying and selling sector in our town is still active, which in turn generates dynamism in the local economy ”, he concluded.

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