He new government team of the Mijas Town Hall presented its structure this Thursday after the plenary session of the constitution of the new municipal Corporation was held last Saturday, which is distributed in 9 areas and where the elected candidate of Por Mi Pueblo, Juan Carlos Maldonado, will assume the delegation of Economic Development and Employment after his expulsion from the municipalist party last week for agreeing with the PSOE and Ciudadanos (Cs), as announced by the mayor, Josele González.

Thus, the councilor will assume the Government Delegation, Local Police, Firefighters, Presidency, Interior Regime and Legal Advice; while the Territory Planning, Human Resources and Operational Services area includes the Urban Planning, Human Resources, Parks and Gardens delegations, which will be managed by the third deputy mayor, Laura Moreno Marín, while the Operational Services and Electrical Installations area will be managed by José Miguel Fernández Moya.

The area of Economy, Treasury, Transparency and Good Governance it is delegated to the fourth deputy mayor, Roy Pérez, who will assume the Treasury, Digital Modernization, Contracting and Foreigners; as well as the development of citizenship will be coordinated by the fifth deputy mayor, Tamara Vera, who will be in charge of Civil Protection, Seniors, Sports, Youth, Festivals and Traditions and Register of Domestic Partnerships, while Verónica Ensberg assumes Culture, Street Market and Sale.

The area of ​​Social Rights, Housing, Citizen Participation and Cleaning will be delegated to seventh deputy mayor, Hipólito Zapico, who will assume Social Inclusion, Housing and Popular University. On the other hand, Belén Roca will manage Street Cleaning, Citizen Participation, Citizen Attention and Cemetery.

The area of ​​Equality, Management of Public Highways, Mobility and the Environment corresponds to the eighth deputy mayor, Natalia María Martínez, who will be in charge of Urban Mobility, Public Road Management, Equality and Diversity, while Nicolás Jesús Cruz will do the same with the Environment, Historical Heritage and Archives. On the other hand, the first deputy mayor, José Carlos Martín, will be in charge of the area of ​​Infrastructures, Works and Tourism and will assume Tourism, Beaches, Infrastructures, Works and Energy Efficiency.

In addition, the sixth deputy mayor, María Dolores Olmedo, will manage the Education and Health area, and will take charge of Education, Health and Consumption, while the second deputy mayor, Juan Carlos Maldonado -expelled from PMP last week for agree with PSOE and Cs, for which it will pass to the group of non-attached mayors-, it will assume the Economic Development and Employment area and will be in charge of Economic Development, Employment Promotion, Commerce, Agriculture, Livestock, Hunting and Fishing, and Domestic Animals.

The new structure seeks to “expedite municipal management”

The councilor has highlighted that the new structure seeks streamline municipal management and optimize human and technical resources in a municipality with a large population like Mijas, the third largest city in the province”.

The presentation took place after the working meeting of the new municipal government team made up of PSOE, Citizens (Cs) and PMP After the signing of the programmatic agreement for the stability of Mijas, “a municipality like ours, with 93,000 inhabitants, needed a restructuring and optimization of areas municipal management that facilitate the daily management of a constantly growing city such as Mijas”, he recounted.

In this sense, the mayor has explained how the new municipal management model de Mijas “is divided into 9 large blocks that group the delegations based on the synergies of work that are generated between them” and that “will thus allow for a better defined structure and similar to the one that other provincial capitals already have or municipalities with a large population, which will also allow better coordination between departments and greater effectiveness in the daily management of the Consistory”.

For his part, the first deputy mayor, José Carlos Martín, stressed that “we are beginning a new journey for this mandate mixing management experience with onboarding who come to contribute to improve the municipality together, all of this always putting the well-being of the people of Mijas above all else, an exciting stage in which we will continue working to continue improving and transforming our municipality”.

To this he added that “with the programmatic agreement we defined the main objectives and prioritiesten main points that will be our roadmap to develop and that we will work on now so that they become a reality in this term”.

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