The plenary of Mijas has given the green light this Friday to the modification of the Regulatory ordinance for the granting of rental aid of housing, a measure that has had the favorable vote of the PSOE, Cs, PP, the unassigned councilor Juan Carlos Maldonado and the abstention of the unassigned councilor Esperanza Jiménez.

The Councilor for Social Services, Hipólito Zapico, has been in charge of defending the motion, who has indicated that “this text has been revised after the exponential increase in rent in our municipality“.

The mayor stressed that after several years “it was necessary review these criteria to adjust to the latent reality in our town”, pointing out that “the registration requirement has been modified, which goes from three to five years because we understand that we must favor people who reside longer in Mijas”.

Zapico added that “also has been increased Public Income Indicator of Multiple Effects (IPREM) in the scale with respect to the previous one, so that people who have a higher income index can access it”, for which it has indicated that “this increase supposes almost 200 euros of difference with respect to the previous ordinance”.

The municipal official has pointed out that another of the requirements that has been modified has been that of the rental priceensuring that “we establish a new section of up to 700 euros”, a decision has been made so that “those families with more members can access this aid”. It should be remembered that “the prices of homes with more rooms are usually very higher than single-family homes”, added the mayor.

Finally, this amendment to the ordinance has put on the table the requirement of bank receipts “to support the payment of these aids because anomalies have been detected with the receipts presented by hand”, said Zapico, who has valued the commitment of Josele González’s government team to provide these aids with the largest possible budget, “in this way we have gone from an aid that is paid in 2017 from 8,000 euros to 379,000 euros in 2019, and about half a million between 2020 and 2021.

On the other hand, the plenary has approved the payment to suppliers and freelancers who have provided their services to the Consistory for a value of 1.1 million euros. Specifically, the approved amount represents an amount of 1,177,129.71 euros, a figure that corresponds to extrajudicial credit files from different municipal areas, as indicated by the mayor of the Treasury, Roy Pérez.

“This government team continues to work day by day so that our suppliers, many of them companies and freelancers in our city, get paid as soon as possible and we continue working to speed up this payment as much as possible”, stressed the municipal official, who has criticized the attitude of the opposition, and especially of the PP.

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