Since this Friday, the municipality of Mijas has a public space that pays tribute to health personnel who fought against Covid-19 during the health crisis, a rotonda that has been located on the road to Mijaswhich gives access to the town.

The mayor of Mijas, Josele González, together with members of the Corporation, rrepresentatives of the health system and social groups have been present at the inauguration of this roundabout located on the Carretera de Mijas.

“Our healthcare professionals became family, consolation and hope not only for patients who, isolated, managed to see a ray of light thanks to their commitment and humanity; but also for a whole society that during this time turned to recognize each day, from the balconiesfrom every corner of our country, the commendable work that our heroes in white capes carried out,” said the councilor from Mijas during his speech.

For his part, the first deputy mayor, José Carlos Martín, had words for the “memory of all the people who lost their lives due to Covid-19 that we should not and cannot forget. From today we will remember what the toilets meant in our most recent history every time we pass through this roundabout.

They were never considered heroes but they did their job As best they knew, they fought for life, to relieve pain, to care for others. Perhaps history does not remember their names or that of all the deceased, but we will never forget them“, has added.

During the act, valued universal health and work that their health professionals have performed during the pandemic. He too support they received at that time from the people Mijas.

“When we were out of materials, there were gentity that altruistically gave us handmade masks. People have turned to us,” said Javier Jiménez, a nurse at the Las Lagunas Health Center, who stressed how the pandemic “changed the way we work and gave a 360-degree turn to our profession”.

Next to him was his companion, YOlanda Cano, who contracted Covid while working as a nurse in the Costa del Sol hospital and that took her to be admitted to the ICU “of my own hospital” for 16 days. “I had tolearn to walk, eat, brush my teeth, what was common, for me was a sacrifice. After a year and a half, I am still fighting the consequences of COVID. The toilets are great professionals that some of us have left our health, others our lives and others continue to fight to help others,” Cano defended.

East new public space dedicated to toilets this erected in its center by a sculpture by the artist José María Córdoba, who was also present at the opening ceremony. “When I first faced the project the words that came to me were femininedisease, health, the pandemic, medicine and that made the protagonist a woman”, stated Córdoba, while explaining that the base represents the coronavirus “and there is a sea of ​​colors and on that sea there is an island that is the pillar that supports the weight of a toilet that faces the wind with strength and pride”.

A monument that, as the Councilor for Public Roads, Nicolás Cruz, has pointed out, “is included in a global project to highlight three specific points with sculptural elements both in Mijas Pueblo, La Cala and Las Lagunas”.

“This specifically we decided to place it in one of the entrance roads to the municipality, on the Mijas road, because it is a busy road and thus we highlight even more this space dedicated to professionals who have given everything for society”, he said. Lastly, they recalled that the appointment of this roundabout dedicated to toilets and toilets was approved in plenary session in May 2020.

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