the mayor of MijasJosele González, accompanied by the mayors of the government team, José Carlos Martín and Roy Pérez, have presented the municipal budgets of the Mijas City Council for the year 2022 and that have been approved this Tuesday in an extraordinary plenary session. Thus, budgets amounting to 111,157,135.98 euros have been approved, which represents an increase of 7.72% with respect to the period of 2021.

“We approved a budget focused on responding to the needs of a city like Mijas, the municipality that has grown the most in the last year within the province. Some accounts in which we return to maintain the lowest taxes in the province to facilitate the day-to-day life of all Mijeños and in which we are firmly committed to economic recovery with investments for the creation of new infrastructures for the transformation of Mijas, the commitment to social policies and the improvement of services” affirms the councilor from Mijas.

A budget in which we increase the items allocated to cleaning and waste collection which increases to 9.8 million, investment in social services to 3.5 million, an increase of 41% for the elderly, just as we maintain our commitment to employment and the creation of opportunities with an investment of 3.5 million for our Basic Income job placement program that has made it possible to hire some 1,000 unemployed residents of the town in the last year.

In the same sense, Martín has pronounced, “we are in the year of economic and social recovery And in this line we have designed our budgets to continue providing prosperity to Mijas, which is at the forefront of growth in the province. There are three pillars on which our accounts for this 2022 are based: investments, social aid and improvement of services. With this financial cocktail we continue betting on generating employment and supporting the most vulnerable people”, points out the first deputy mayor who has highlighted, how “the City Council has kept taxes such as the IBI, the IVTM or garbage, among others, frozen for seven years, and has the municipal coffers with a surplus as a result of the responsibility in the management of public money so that the municipal entity has been able to face situations as complicated as the pandemic and the consequent economic crisis”.

Thus, the economic endowment of Street Cleaning increases almost 45% compared to the previous year, surpassing the barrier of 5 million euros. An important commitment to keeping the city clean that also affects the items allocated to the collection and treatment of waste, with almost 4.7 million euros and 2.4 million euros for the waste plant. At the same time, the Social Services area is once again one of the axes of the budget of the Mijas City Council.

We are talking about an investment of more than 3.5 million euros, 15% more than in 2021which may be modified depending on the needs of the Mijeños and Mijeñas and that will be used to cover each of the programs that this municipal area launches throughout the year as aid to dependency that we increase, to rent, or subsidies to different social groups in the locality, all without losing sight of the much-needed infrastructure boostIt’s like the residence for the elderly, the fire station or connections as necessary as the splitting of Camino Coín or Camino de Campanales”, says González.

In this way, the item destined for the Provision of services of the Home Help Program of the Dependency Law by the municipal supplement increases by 307,726 euros, 18.59%. Social emergency aid will reach 250,000 euros, that is, an increase of 25%; family economic aid will be around 175,000 euros, 40%, and rental aid 33.33%, reaching 200,000 euros.

“In this exercise we are going to have a total, between the budget and the budget modification, with a amount of almost 50 million euros in works and infrastructures of which 14 million euros have already been awarded to begin execution and another 24 million are already in contracting to follow the course of the public tender”, points out Martín who adds that “investments bring with them a double objective, on the one hand, the generation of jobs and, on the other, the improvement of services to citizens”.

Between the new projects Included in this budget is the construction of the Los Santos car park, the splitting of the Entrerríos road and La Calaand the section between Venta de la Morena and Mijas Golf.

In addition, it is anticipated Comprehensive remodeling of Archidona streetthe avenue of Las Mimosas, the Camino de Coín, the clean point or the overpass from the Parroquia San Manuel to the other side of the A7.

Likewise, in maintenance and upkeep of infrastructures lThe figure amounts to 11.7 million euros of which Operational Services increased by 9.5% with 5.1 million euros, Energy Efficiency by 59.48% with 3.2 million euros and a clear commitment, among other issues, to renewable energies, and 3 .3 million euros for electrical installations.

As for the promotion of healthy living through the promotion of sport increases the budget item to the 4.1 million euros, with 3.3 million allocated to sports management; 791,120 euros of investment in subsidies to federated sports with an increase of 8.35 percent and an increase of 25% of the investment allocated to sports clubs.

In another vein, the Education budget grows by 3.01%, standing at 2.6 million of euros aimed, above all, at implementing cleaning and hygiene measures and 70% on the Environment. Other figures that grow are those of the cemetery with 85,000 euros, which is 81.84% more, as well as 25.74% in Mobile Park, which stands at 1.3 million euros. Finally, it is worth mentioning an item that stands out more than for its amount for its importance, such as the 300,000 euros dedicated to the drafting of the new PGOU of Mijas.

Other areas that have also experienced an increase in their budget allocation are Culture, with 1.2 million more than last year, reaching 1.4 million euros in 2022; Nursery Schools, which has gone from 55,000 euros to 175,000 euros, Municipal Shelters with 131,000 euros, 60,000 more than in 2021; o Local Celebrations and Festivals, exceeding 1.8 million euros (664,000 euros more than in 2021); Markets, going from 2,800 euros to 10,000 euros; o Energy Efficiency, with 3.2 million euros (1.2 million euros more). It also highlights the bet of the municipality of Mijas for firefighters, increasing its budget item by 23.4%, reaching 170,000 euros.

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