The Mijas Town Hall has announced that it will intensify the control of compliance with the public road ordinance by which pet owners should dilute their urine in the street and collect pet droppingsas reflected in the update of the local ordinance approved in the last year and that includes the obligation of the owners to carry water with them to be able to dilute the urine.

This is a measure that, included together with the modification of another 17 articles included in the new regulations, aims to adapt the regulations to the needs of the municipality and make it more useful in daily management, the City Council has indicated in a statement.

The more than 27,000 dogs registered, according to the latest data available to the Mijas Consistory in the town, “make it necessary to implement measures to control compliance with the regulations so that bad odors are avoided especially in highly populated areas as well as it is a way in itself to take care of urban furniture, since this urine causes irreparable damage to it”, they have pointed out from the local government.

In the last fortnight they are about 50 sanctions imposed for breaching this rulean amount that “we hope will be reduced to a minimum because it will be a sign that citizens are increasingly aware of the care of our city”.

These sanctions, remember from the Police, could lead to a economic fine of up to 750 euros for non-compliance with it, while affirming that in no case is it a campaign with a collection effort, since at all times the public has been informed on the street, as well as informing that it will intensify informative actions in this regard.

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