The City Council of Mijas is undertaking the cleaning of the 12 streams with which the municipal term counts, an action that is carried out preventively in the face of the arrival of rains and that has a municipal investment of 50,000 eurosas reported by the Councilor for Operational Services, José Carlos Martín.

Thus, he highlighted that “since the middle of October, municipal workers have been developing the local creek cleanup plana “preventive action we carry out every year in all the channels and in all the mouths of the streams”.

Martín has clarified that, although “it is not an important performance from the economic point of view, around 50,000 euros, which is divided between the use of the necessary machinery and the transfer of brushwood”; Yes it is “essential to avoid or minimize the possible consequences that the runoff could cause as it passes through the streams of Mijas”.

In this sense, the councilor recalled that “the rains wash away weeds and other plant debris that can end up on our beaches if we do not carry out this cleaning” and, furthermore, “with these works we eliminate possible obstacles that are found in the riverbeds and that could cause the overflow of the waters in them”.

So, “if all goes well, in a couple of weeks”, in the middle of this month of November, “we will have work completed and when the rains come, which I hope they will, because they are very necessary to solve the drought we are suffering, we will be prepared to receive them”, concluded José Carlos Martín.

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