The project of first section of the splitting of the Camino Viejo de Coín (A-7053) will exit at tender for around 6 million euros and an execution period of 8 months once the drafting of the initiative is finished, being an action that will improve road safety in the area, as announced this Wednesday by the Councilor for Infrastructure and Works of Mijas, José Carlos Martín.

Thus, the mayor has detailed that this first phase It has all the sectoral reportsemphasizing that “we are talking about an important investment to give impetus to a much-needed action, since it is a road with a lot of traffic and this will alleviate and solve many of the difficulties what is in the environment”. In fact, the intensity of traffic on this road is such that it is estimated that around 8,400 vehicles pass through it daily.

Municipally owned, since previously the competition of the road was of the Junta de Andalucía and now belongs to the Consistory of Mijas, Martín recalled that “we started this project to unfold this important road and solve the traffic and insecurity problems that occur in the area at the same time that we receive its ownership”.

To this end, the project drafted, in addition to outline its unfolding so that the road has two vials, will offer “a more consistent lighting, a spacious sidewalk and adequate parking, among other elements”. And it is that currently, the road has a single carriageway with two lanes and two-way traffic with hard shoulders without sidewalks.

The mayor has clarified that The overall project is divided into three phasesbeing the first of them the one that corresponds to the “kilometre that links the roundabout of Victims of Terrorism to the future roundabout of Camino de Campanales, where Venta La Morena is located”. This route is divided, in turn, into two main axes: from Victims of Terrorism to the roundabout of Miguel Hernández and, from there, to Camino de Campanales.

“East Las Lagunas section has experienced great growth in recent years, so these jobs are a necessity that will come to improve and will ease traffic quite a bitin addition to increasing the safety of drivers and pedestrians who travel along this road, currently without lighting and lacking sidewalks”, explained Martín.

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