Mijas Town Hall and the association La Barandilla trabajan have joined forces to develop strategies and initiatives that promote suicide preventionand the group will export to the rest of Spain the Mijeño training program ‘Minds are also educated’ aimed at the young population, as announced Thursday by the mayor of Health, Candela León.

This has been highlighted by the councilor after the meeting held today with the president of the group, Ana Lancho and the director of said entity, José Manuel Dolader, in which the first deputy mayor, José Carlos Martín, and the mayor of Social Services, Hipólito Zapico, have participated.

The meeting has served toshare ideas and actions in this matter, as well as to show them the work that the Mijeño Consistory is doing through the local suicide prevention plan and the ‘Minds are also educated’ program aimed at the young population, which will be exported by the association to the rest of Spain, has indicated.

The municipal manager has stated that “the fundamental thing to avoiding suicide is good mental health. From Health and Education we have launched this cycle of monthly talks this year that will deal with the different branches of mental health in children and young people.

The cases of suicide attempts have increased alarmingly in these age groups, so from the local public administration we are going to focus our efforts on prevention in schools and institutes, providing tools to parents and teachers, as well as helping to manage the emotions of minors, has insured Leon.

“We are going to continue promoting good mental health from the base of education”, assured the councilor, who thanked “the visit of La Barandilla to Mijas since they are national experts in treating patients who have experienced an attempted suicide, as well as bereaved families or people with suicidal thoughts”.

“From their actions, we can point out measures that benefit us in our city to continue to fight against this serious health problem what suicide means in our society”, he added.

The lines of work of the Mijas Town Hall in terms of suicide prevention cover the entire population, with a local suicide prevention plan which was launched at the end of 2021 and since then it has continued to be implemented every day with action measures.

For his part, Zapico has indicated that “through this program trained professionals from Social Services, Health, Local Police, collectives and counselors of the educational centers that work closely on this problem” and “a technical work group and a community network with different social agents that work with a common action protocol” have been set up.

“Now we continue to grow in initiatives such as the Mental health and suicide prevention training that we are developing through the AFESOL entity thanks to a grant from the Social Services of the Mijas City Council”, said the mayor, who pointed out that “we have recently fully approved the local mental health and suicide prevention plan”, an even broader tool with the collaboration of more municipal departments”.

The handrail She is an expert in treating patients.

The Railing is a non-profit association National expert in the treatment of patients who have experienced a suicide attempt, as well as bereaved families or people with suicidal thoughts. It is made up of people with disabilities, family members and health, rehabilitation and social reintegration professionals located in Madrid.

Among the various initiatives that it carries out, almost a year ago it launched the ‘Suicide care and prevention area‘, an outpatient and preventive project that aims to carry out specific monitoring of people who have tried to take their own life or are at risk of carrying out a suicidal act. For this reason, they offer a service throughout Spain in person and onlinewith a team of committed, qualified professionals and extensive experience in individual and group psychotherapy.

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