Mijas Town Hall actively supports the campaign launched by the Cudeca foundation ‘Solidarity Schools’, with which it intends to raise funds to create a pediatric palliative care unit, as announced on Wednesday by the mayor of Education and Volunteering, Mariló Olmedo.

The councilor stressed that “the pandemic has caused this and other foundations and NGOs to be harmed in terms of raising funds for their charitable initiatives”, and since last year “This campaign was launched in search of new financing alternatives.”

Thus, Olmedo has participated in the recording of a promotional video that will reach the schools of Mijas and that will also be broadcast through social networks and whatsapp.

“We have to collaborate with Cudeca because they are always helping patients and families who need it and we have to be with the foundation in everything”, added Olmedo, who recalled that each school and institute can organize a fundraising activity where the students participate.

For her part, the head of Cudeca’s Department of Communication and Events, Esther Ráez, has invited the educational community to “develop any type of event, such as, for example, a career that is usually the most commonand that each of the participants donate one, two or three euros or whatever is stipulated in the center”.

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