The City Council of Mijas has drawn up a gastronomic guide with information on the almost 70 establishments that concentrates the town dedicated to hotels and restaurants, as well as shows numerous traditional recipes of the municipality to promote the local gastronomic segment, as announced on Monday by the Councilor for Tourism, José Carlos Martín.

This has been highlighted by the mayor in the presentation of the initiativewhich has been developed jointly with the Merchants Association of Mijas Pueblo, where it has pointed out that “this guide is an example of collaboration between the local administration and the private sector”.

As detailed, “the idea arose in one of the meetings we hold with the collective and we found it very interesting, so we decided to promote it”, adding that “the gastronomic segment is one of our strengths from the point of view of tourist attraction for our municipality and it reflects precisely that diversity of establishments that Mijas Pueblo has”.

For his part, the president of the commercial group, Martín Gómez, added that “everything that is innovate and provide facilities to visitors, welcome be. I think it is a very practical guide because it is made so that both tourists and residents here in Mijas can easy access to all catering establishments from town”.

Thus, in this guide you can find various variety of companies in the sector such as restaurants, gastrobars or ice cream parlors with the basic data of each of them; location, phone number, or closing day. In addition, it includes a very interesting section with the Mijas traditional recipes such as the soup of maimones, the gazpachuelo or the typical fritters, with the information in both Spanish and English.

In this regard, the department has published a first batch of 3,000 copies of this guide that can be obtained at the Tourist Office and in the companies that participate in this document, and in turn they will also have it in PDF format on the municipal website and on social networks. In conclusion, Martín highlighted that “this guide we will introduce in all the tourism fairs where we travelincluding the next one we have in Brussels and they will be added to all the ones we already have”.

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