The City Council of Mijas has been recognized with the first Local Governance Award of the Andalusian Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FAMP) for its management during the pandemic with the Orea Plan, a package of direct aid that benefit A.MMore than 3,500 family and self-employed businesses in the municipality.

The mayor of Mijas, Josele González, celebrated this recognition “which supports a project that has been a reference not only at the provincial level, but alsoandandalusianwith aid that was born solely and exclusively with the aim of reaching out to our freelancers and family businesses when they were having the worst time”.

“The state of alarm and the pandemic paralyzed our economy and it was the obligation of this local government to put on the table all the resources we had at our disposal so as not to leave them behind”, he recalled.

Thus was born the Rescue Office for Entrepreneurs and the Self-Employedthe Orea Plan, with direct aid to the business fabric that benefited more than 3,500 family businesses and freelancers of the locality “and that allowed them to survive in a truly complicated year”.

González stressed that “thanks to this aid, many businesses did not lower the blind, indirectly benefiting more than 6,000 workers in the municipality”, while stressing that an “unprecedented commitment was made in our town hall, making available to our businessmen and freelancers 12 million euros in a short timeandcord, a goal that very few local corporations could match.”

In total, they were allocated 12 million euros for grants of between 3,000 and 6,000 euros that has been exchanged to the Consistory of Mijas the first prize in the category Initiative Plocal public during the pandemic caused by the Covid-19 of the 2021 Local Governance Awards, which are promoted by the FAMP and will be annual.

In this sense, the FAMP awards recognize the work of Andalusian local corporations, institutions and people in five categories such as the local public initiative during the pandemic caused by covid-19 to municipalities, councils, associations and ELAs, a category in which the Mijas City Council has obtained the first prize.

The second category recognizes the commitment to Andalusian municipalism and the public service of local elected officialsthe third is aimed at municipal technical staff and rewards excellence in a local key, the fourth recognizes the local citizen participation to entities, institutions, NGO associations and representative federations of the citizen movement. Finally, the fifth category rewards the collaborative role of Andalusian companies with respect to local entities.

These acknowledgments to the local governance of the FAMP will be delivered next April 20 in a ceremony that will take place in the Caixaforum Auditorium in Seville.

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