The City Council of Mijas has opened to traffic the three sections of the coastal path that have had to be completely remodeled urgently after the damage suffered by one of the storms, a comprehensive renovation action that has meant a investment close to 280,000 eurosas announced this Friday by the Councilor for Beaches, José Carlos Martín.

The mayor stressed that “users can now stroll through the six kilometers of this infrastructure where, moreover, since early today we have been fixing the flaws that has caused the fall of a tree at the height of Riviera due to the strong wind and the haze of yesterday”.

“Everything is ready and, although these days are rainy, we have already put an end to these works that leave us a renewed path”, pointed out the councilor, who added that “from the department they will be aware at all times of how are the weather conditions to act immediately.”

The investment of this comprehensive renovation has involved nearly 280,000 euros and a term of three months of execution to undertake a work that has been of “major”, since “in some points we had to disassemble the platform and damaged foundations since there were gaps in some piles and, even, many of them were completely broken”, pointed out Martín. The councilman added that “other areas had the cantilevered platform remaining suspended, so they have been dismantled along with the railing, removing the foundations to be able to run it practically again.”

So, the three remodeled sections have been Doña Lola, Ocean Beach and Calahonda Beach, some routes that have been cut off as a precaution and at some points temporary diversions have been set up during the works.

In the case of the first path, the urbanization was also affectedso it has been carried out the replacement of the glass railing of the same and the repair of the retaining wall. Finally, the winning company, ‘Rialsa’, has placed a breakwater protection to try to avoid and minimize new scourges or future waves of the storm that could damage the infrastructure.

“The coastal path is one of our tourist attractions, in addition to being a recurrent meeting point for all the people of Mijas who they enjoy the sea, nature and sports touring it”, pointed out the first deputy mayor, who concluded by saying that “once these works have been completed for Holy Week, the area continues with its preparation for the high season”.

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