The first deputy mayor of Mijas and mayor of Tourism, José Carlos Martín, has informed this Monday that the department is already prepared for the arrival of the excursions of what is considered the largest cruise ship in the world ‘Wonder of the Seas’, that will dock in the capital of Malaga next Saturday, April 30, which can be photographed at one of the 15 points of the ‘Ruta Selfie’.

“This type of tourism is very interesting for our municipality, since we are one of the main objectives of the people who come on these boats because Mijas Pueblo is only 25 minutes from Malaga by car, and the visitor can see one of the most demanded attractions when you arrive in the south of Spain as is the typical Mediterranean town, enjoy its views, its historical and cultural heritage, as well as its gastronomy and crafts”.

The ship, which has the capacity to 6,988 passengers and a crew of 2,300 peoplearrives for the first time in our country and represents a great boost for the entire Costa del Sol. “For this season, we have presented our ‘Selfie’ route with 15 highlights to be photographed in an environment as emblematic as ours, so much so that international companies such as Nutella have included one of our images of this route in their limited edition ‘The good stays at home’ where, of the 15 chosen destinations, Mijas is the unique in Andalusia”, added Martín.

Thus, although this type of traveler does not spend the night, they make increase consumption and thus boost the local economy and job creation occurs. In addition, it should be noted, as Martín has pointed out, that “the ‘Selfie Route’ also serves as an added attractionas well as for a ‘digital word of mouth’ through the social networks of all the tourists who immortalize their experience in the municipality”.

Mijas continues to rise and is at the top of the favorite holiday destinations. During the last year and a half, he has obtained the appointment of ‘Capital of rural tourism in Malaga’ and has been part of the 20 best rural destinations on the coast of Spain. In addition to this, the well-known tourist accommodation website eBooking has highlighted Mijas as one of the places with the highest growth, increasing its searches by 69 percent.

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