The municipality of Mijas Pueblo has a thousand and one corners to photograph and from this week adds a new one to the Santana neighborhood entrancewhere it has just been released a large pictorial mural that is included within the ‘beautification plan’ and that portrays characteristic local elements such as the Quarry, the Calvary, the esparto grass or the goatsas reported this Friday by the Councilor for Parks and Gardens, Laura Moreno.

The mayor has highlighted that the proposal “was born from the residents of this areawho wanted us to attract more tourists, and although this neighborhood is very attractive on its own, we have given it one more addition with this fantastic mural carried out by a municipal worker, Benito Leal, accompanied by Antonio Mancilla”.

Moreno has pointed out that the result “winks at the work of our elders and where we come from, with the portrait of the Quarry, the Calvary, the esparto grass, the goats or the women washing in La Puente”.

For his part, the artist of this mural, Benito Leal, has specified that from the Department of Parks and Gardens “they gave me the idea of ​​what they wanted, although the neighbors have also contributed a lot” for a mural in which the artist has used “brushes and a more carefree treatment” to give life to a wall at the entrance to Mijas Pueblo from the ring road.

Juan Marín is one of the residents of the area who promoted this creation and who has remained “impressive, wonderful and luxurious”, highlighting that “People have already started taking photos, a lot of what happens, many neighbors and foreigners above all, asking how it is possible that an ugly green and gray wall has been spectacular”, he added.

It should be remembered that this performance is part of a ‘beautification plan’ that “began in Mijas Pueblo a year ago with the pot renovation or with the mural on the staircase of the Cantón passage. The idea is to extend this initiative to other parts of the municipality”.

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