The Town Planning Councilor of the Mijas Town Hall (Málaga), Andrew Ruizannounced this Tuesday that it has already risen to public consultation prior to the suitability of the new General Urban Planning Plan (PGOU) of the locality.

Since last June 7, a month has been established so that anyone who wants it and, especially, the main urban development operators, professional associations (architects, engineers and lawyers, among others), and the most representative associations such as the Association of Promoters and Builders, as well as neighborhood associations, can find out about the new planning and assess it”, he assured.

The person in charge of Urbanism has added that “this consultation is going to be publicized and it is also going to be sent by electronic diffusion so that it has the greater guarantee of information and so that everyone can participate”. Similarly, the council has put at the service of citizens the email for those people who want to send their proposals.

This prior public consultation on the suitability of the new General Plan for Mijas can be consulted at transparency portal and on the notice board of the City Council, Ruiz pointing out that on the municipal website “it is available to anyone interested who wants to see it.”

Thus, the next step, according to the councilor, would be “to receive all the proposals and observations and then evaluate them from the department, the initial objective of the Consistory being the suitability of replacing the current plan.” “As a result of this we have to start with the sectoral reports of Environment, Roads and other institutions involved and our goal is to be able to have that progress in the next year”, he specified.

The previous PGOU of Mijas dates from the beginning of the century, since it was approved in the year 2000although its drafting began in 1990. “The city has changed and evolved a lot, so the time has come to provide our town with a new model that guarantees the well-being of the neighborswith large green areas, with new facilities, with improvements in communication infrastructures and road connections, among many other ideas, and all with an urban development that is as sustainable as possible”, he said.

According to a statement, the Mijas City Council is considering drafting its future urban plan with a clear objective: the sustainable development with the least possible land consumption.

“The first step is to listen to the citizens, but from the City Council we set the objectives that we must pursue when designing this new plan”, continued the mayor of Urban Planning, pointing out that they do not want to have a high consumption of land, “but ensure that the structure of the city is maintained and for this we must carry out a more sustainable development, better interconnecting the locality, with each other, with its urbanizations and its urban centers“.

In addition, he has said that they want to “support public transport to reduce the displacement of motor vehicles, giving greater importance to pedestrians and cyclists, increasing green areas and facilities, among other ideas”.

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