City Hall of Mijas has received 37 allegations and proposals in the prior public consultation started in June to determine the suitability of the new General Plan for Urban Planning (PGOU), which sets as objectives increase green areas and connections to reduce trafficas announced on Tuesday by the mayor of Urban Planning, Andrés Ruiz.

The councilor has highlighted that of all these contributions “we have been able to verify that both the groups such as natural persons mostly show the same preferences which are summed up in one sustainable mobility, caring for the environment and increasing green areas”.

In this sense, Ruiz has advanced that “the objective of the department is in line with the proposals provided, so one of the goals set is to seek new green spaces for leisure and recreation, as well as guarantee the relevant connections to reduce trafficto which a network of roads for non-motorized vehicles would be added”.

Is prior public consultation on the suitability of the new PGOU of Mijas has been consulted on the transparency portal and on the notice board of the Town Hall, being also available on the municipal website

“There is a guarantee of citizen participation not only on this occasionbut also in later steps such as when we get to the planning progress”, added the mayor, who has advanced that “the intention of the council is to be immersed in sector reports on traffic, the environment and other matters necessary for the elaboration of the plan at the end of this year in order to be able to gradually take the appropriate decisions”.

Finally, the councilor wanted to send a message of tranquility to the owners of the developments which is already being carried out, because as he has pointed out, “the soils that are being developed through partial plans they are going to be maintained until their completion because they are owners with acquired rights”.

Among the great novelties brought by the Law to Promote the Sustainability of the Territory of Andalusia (LISTA), is that it establishes a dual urban planning system which comes to replace the traditional PGOU. In this way, what we knew until now as the General Urban Planning Plan is now divided into a general Urban Planning Instrument, called the General Municipal Planning Plan (PGOM), and a detailed urban planning instrument, called the Municipal Planning Plan. (POU). The first will set the new model of municipal planningwhile the second will do the same with the detailed planning of the existing urban land.

Finally, the second great novelty of the LISTA is that “both the PGOM as the POU can now be approved by the consistories, without prejudice, of course, to the sectoral reports on the environment, roads, etc”. The advantage that the town councils have the municipal competence for its approval supposes “further streamline planning procedures”, the mayor concluded.

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