The first deputy mayor and mayor of Playas de Mijas, José Carlos Martín, announced this morning that the city’s beaches are ready to receive tourists this Easter after recovering “in record time” the entire coastline from the strong storm that has hit the Costa del Sol in recent days, for which the City Council has deployed more than twenty machines and around 150 troops have acted daily

“I want to value the work of all municipal workers who have been so involved in achieving an almost impossible goal such as that of restructure all the work that the sea ate just a few days before we start our high season. Without his tenacity and his involvement it would not have been possible, “says the councilor.

In this way, Martín has reported that “since Wednesday when the storm subsided, Mijas has had more than twenty machinesas well as a total of 150 troops fixing the damage from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.”.

Thus, the department has used a total of 24 machines for the regeneration and homogenization of the sand, the removal of plant debris and waste, as well as the washing down of the most affected areas such as Los Cordobeses. In this sense, counting 5 rotary excavators of 20, 8 and 6 tons3 loaders, 3 tractors, 2 mixed machines, 2 mini excavators, 2 washdown buckets and 6 cargo trucks.

“The coastal path is already repairedas well as the lifeguard towers are already installed again and we have also reinstated the concrete walkways and universal access areas for people with reduced mobility”, he pointed out.

Martín has highlighted the “hard work that allows us to be ready with one of our essential business cards as is the ‘sun and beach’, in a start of crucial season to recover our economy after the Covid health and economic crisis”, he concluded.

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