The mayor of Mijas, Josele González, presented this Thursday the new uniforms that the 147 agents will wear that make up this municipal staff for the next two years, which are made with sustainable garments and 100% recycled material with poles made from plastic bottles.

Thus, the alderman has highlighted that “in addition they have acquired pants and technical shoes with six options to choose from between the agents according to the service they provide and this uniformity has also been incorporated into a spring jacket that until now they only had the controls and that it was a historic request from the rest of the body ”.

As a novelty, González has underlined that “the poles technicians are 100% made with recycled material from plastic bottles”so it is “a garment that brings together all the technical and aesthetic requirements and that it is also sustainable with the environment”, he explained.

“We have included a thermal flashlight with illumination up to 200 meters with autonomous and rechargeable battery”, added the mayor, who highlighted that “a fairly important investment has been made that we have implemented taking into account the needs that the agents themselves and the police unions They have moved us.”

According to UN data, the fashion industry is the second most polluting of the planet, second only to the extraction and refinement of oil. for a few simple jeans are consumed and pollute about 7,500 liters of water.

That is why the Consistory of Mijas has decided to commit to sustainability with the acquisition of some sustainable polo shirts made with 100% recycled material. The rest of the garments are made with fabrics that guarantee that no harmful substances or chemicals have been used in their manufacture, neither for man nor for the environment, likewise all the supply has been made in recyclable boxes and biodegradable bags.

The Materials are recycled and environmentally friendly and they are not the only novelty in the new uniforms that the Mijas Local Police staff already wears, since “from now on, in addition to wearing the Andalusian and Spanish flag, our agents have incorporated in the back of their uniform the colors of our townone more way to recognize our staff at a glance when they are on duty in the street”, adds González.

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