Mijas Town Hall has signed an agreement to finalize the bankruptcy of the Hipódromo and achieve ownership of the land, after taking the company Mijas Recursos Turísticos in bankruptcy since May 2018, which will allow the launch of a new sports project, as announced this Friday by the mayor of the city, Josele González.

The councilor has stressed that “this is a gaveto histOrico, and after almost 5 years of bankruptcy, we have managed to take the definitive step so that the land of the old Costa del Sol Hippodrome will return to municipal ownership”.

For this, it has proceeded to “the signing of the minutes after judicial approval with the bankruptcy administratorly by the City Council, which once it recovers ownership will be able to put this area in order and return to normal, regularizing in any case the activity on the premises.

González has underlined how this agreement will allow “unblock the situation of these 300,000 square meters that have great value for the city and in which we already anticipate being able to start up sports equipment, which is what this land is intended for, and that it may be available to the people of Mijeños, since there is a need imperative to expand the sports facilities and which is also located at a strategic point”.

For his part, the mayor of Urban Planning Andrés Ruiz, has highlighted “the importance of this historic milestone achieved after more than 6 years of work to avoid losing something as important as it is maintain ownership of the plot of the Hippodrome”, ensuring that “Having the ownership and possession of the land will allow us to value this area and make it available to the Mijeños and the Mijeños.”

A job that he has asserted “has not been without difficulties and in which partial plan modifications, reparcelling projects, disputes over governing board agreements have had to be overcome, arduous work by the government team that finally sees its result thanks to the achievement of this agreement that allows us to ensure that these lands are classified as sports equipment to improve the facilities available to our neighbors, thanks to the implementation of a large sports project on the land”.

The bankruptcy proceedings remain open

The head of the Mijas City Council Legal Department, Eduardo Aguilar, has pointed out that the procedure has been long and tedious, who wanted to thank the work of his predecessor in the position, Pepe Almenara. In this way, he explained that “right now the bankruptcy proceedings remain open and with the compensation that Mijas Recursos Turísticos receives, it will be lifted due to sudden solvency. We also had a contentious administrative procedure from the bankruptcy creditor against an agreement of the City Council and now we have reached this agreement that allows the situation to be unblocked”.

This new step taken by the local government will now allow proceed to debuggingnfphysical and legal property, proceeding in the first place to pay all the debtors recognized by the commercial court, and among which is also the Consistory of Mijas, “once this step has been carried out and the bankruptcy is lifted, the company will enter the liquidation phase” . This last step, they explain from the local administration, will allow all the assets of Mijas Tourist Resources to pass into the hands of the Local Administration as the City Council is the 100% owner of the company”.

With the signing of the agreement sealed today, we will therefore proceed payment of debt to creditors of the Public company Mijas Tourist Resources, among which is also the Local Administration. A payment that will be possible, among other aspects, thanks to the resolution of the discrepancy in plenary session on the availability of 6.7 million euros to settle the bankruptcy.

Among the steps to be followed now by the Consistory, and once the ownership of the land has been obtained, are the conducting an audit to attest to the current state of the facilities that will be in charge, control of access and use of facilities, as well as increased security in them.

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