The City Council of Mijas has simplified the forms available to users for licenses with responsible declarationwith three models written in simple language to facilitate understanding when carrying out the procedure, as announced this Friday by the Councilor for Urban Planning, Andrés Ruiz.

The mayor has highlighted that “we have adapted the request model to the Law for the Promotion of Sustainability in the Territory of Andalusia (LISTA) for the performance of minor works”, indicating that “this modification seeks to offer more information to applicants, as well as to make this type of form more accessible”.

In this sense, Ruiz has broken down the different models that users can access on the City Council website (, in the ‘Urban Planning’ section where they can be download directly to print or to fill out in the municipal portal itself.

Thus, the first form corresponds to the Declaration of responsibility for the execution of minor works or of certain works in existing buildings or facilities. Three assumptions are included in it, such as for works of little importance and that are not required in accordance with current legislation; for works located outside planning on urban land; and those located on rustic land whose purpose is energy improvement or environmental impact.

In the second form is the adaptation and improvement of the Request for prior authorization for works in the municipal public domain and the third model is the request for the prior authorization of all those works mentioned above, but which are developed in the historical-artistic complex of Mijas Pueblo. Therefore, they must submit this prior request before the responsible declaration.

“The main thing about this adaptation is the streamlining of administrative procedures, that with these forms they reduce the deadlines, Ruiz pointed out, who added that with these improvements “we are also looking for a greater municipal control in urban planning, as well as the promotion of respect and order so that everything that is going to be executed complies with the law.”

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