The first deputy mayor and mayor of Playas de Mijas, José Carlos Martín, visited this Wednesday the painting works of the local artist Benito Leal who has already begun to develop the works that will form the ‘Museum of murals on the beaches of Mijas’.

Martin has pointed out that have started in the area of ​​La Cala “where we can already see the aesthetics of the design and how attractive it is.” “With marine details and particularities of our fauna and flora, we are going to complement this project along the coast, which, from the start, is arousing great interest among residents and bathers who see how it is being carried out”, he pointed out .

As reported, this ‘Museum of Murals on the Beaches’ “comes to beautify the coastline as well as to join the tourist attractions of the municipality”.

Whenever we travel we like to photograph ourselves in the most unique places and, in this case, those who choose to come to our coast can take the best snapshots, not only of the sea, the sand or the natural environment, but also of these murals that represent us by their iconography and that represent a beautiful and original artistic expression, since open-air museums are usually in urban centers and not on beaches”, Martín has stressed.

The Consistory has raised five locations divided between The Chaparral, The Lighthouse and The Cove. He explained that “the idea arose at a joint meeting of Beaches and Operational Services because we always paint those walls to keep them clean as part of the actions we carry out to maintain the coastline.”

He pointed out that at that time it was suggested “that one of the municipal workers, who is also a local artist specialized in murals, instead of painting these sites white, he will carry out his artistic expressions that are increasingly being requested inside and outside the city”.

For his part, Benito Leal explained that “he is executing the designs with the airbrush technique without using sprayswhich helps to conserve the environment by not discarding paint cans”. In addition, the artist has stressed that “in this way the details of the mural can be carried out with greater precision, giving the final result more realism”.

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