The City Council of Mijas with the maintenance of the coastal path after the end of the summer season with the replacement of 6 kilometers of handrails and painted railings, a performance that has a investment of 80,000 euros and an execution period of 3 months, as announced this Tuesday by the mayor of Beaches, Carlos Martín.

The councilor has declared that “we continue with the maintenance and conservation work on the coastal path, something that is practically constant and we are always acting on it “, taking advantage in this case”the decrease in influx to carry out actions of greater importance and try not to hinder the transit of people as they pass through these affected areas “.

Thus, municipal workers they are going to replace 6 kilometers of handrails, in addition to painting the remaining railings to leave the path in perfect condition. “The proximity to the sea makes the elements that are on the beachfront very punishing and in this case, wood suffers this damage and is more profitable change these kilometers of handrails It had to be treated because it had already been damaged too much and had entered the nodes, so it was in a very bad condition “, Martín added.

In this sense, this action has meant an investment of 80,000 euros and an execution period of approximately 3 monthsTherefore, he hopes that with a view to the Christmas season or the end of the year, the work will be completed and the coastal path is ready. It should be noted that the works are at a good pace, running practically 150 linear meters per day, so it is expected that the planned times will be met.

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