The City Council of Mijas has announced that it will apply the review of prices of its public contracts to reactivate the economy and help, thus, the companies that participate in these tenders, as reported by the Councilor for Finance, Roy Pérez.

As he explained, the Consistory signed this Tuesday “the local decree to adhere to and apply this price revision to works contracts”. “This is an exceptional measure that comes to help all those companies that participate in our tenders and that are suffering an exaggerated increase in prices, especially in raw materials such as steel, iron or concrete,” he pointed out. .

In this regard, he stressed that what they intend “is to reach out once again to our business fabric and avoid that many of the works that are being carried out or will be carried out in our municipality are paralyzed or suffer unnecessary delays“, specifying that it is a measure “that affects both the contracts in force and those that we are going to have from now on”.

Pérez reported that “this exceptional price revision may not exceed 20% of the award price of the contract“. “All those companies that in their tenders can justify an increase in spending previously set in the tender may request this increase over the next two months,” he said.

Thus, he has indicated that “the Mijas City Council adheres to a Royal Decree-law that was approved by the Council of Ministers at the beginning of May and that just a few days ago was extrapolated to the Andalusian Parliament with an expansion of the requirements, including the review of prices of all materials, works tendered although they have not yet been awarded, contracts for road maintenance and contracts of less than one year”. It also facilitates the change of materials on construction sites and introduces the abolition of penalties for delay.

From the Consistory they have indicated that only the steel used to build bridges high voltage towers or housing structures has experienced during 2021 a rise of 100%an increase in costs that has led builders and companies in the sector to request this price review to avoid the paralysis of public works in the country.

Two new roundabouts on the Mijas highway

On the other hand, they have indicated that the works of the two roundabouts of the highway of Mijas Pueblo (A-387) as it passes through the urbanizations of La Loma, Pueblo Don Silverio and Haza del Algarrobo are coming to an end.

This has been announced by the first deputy mayor and mayor of Infrastructures and Works, José Carlos Martín, who has warned that as of this Wednesday the asphalting work so there will be slow traffic in the area for the next three days.

“We want to apologize to the neighbors for the inconvenience that these works are going to cause, but once the pavement is finished, the users will now be able to make use of these two new infrastructures so beneficial for this sector both for road safety and for the fluidity of traffic”, pointed out the mayor.

These two roundabouts, which have received an investment of 739,689 euros, will come into full service next week already offering the option of change of direction for vehicles that, until now, had to turn around at the motorway roundabout or at the ALDI roundabout.

“We are committed to the mobility of the town in a demand that neighbors have historically been requesting and to which we already put a solution with these projects because, apart from the danger, users could only turn around at two points when the road had no intersections for more than 1,200 meters, so many users made dangerous crossings in a continuous line”, Martin added.

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